Monday, 21 November 2011

Antique Historika

Due to the changed circumstances in which I now find myself, assisting to care for my Dad, and taking over a lot of the practical jobs that 1.) he used to do, and 2.) that mum now no longer has the time for, I am finding that I am having to put Historika on vacation for weeks at a time, to catch up both with orders and with things at home.

To that end I have started up another shop on Etsy which I aim to keep open always. This sells items that will be ready to ship once they have been listed. That way I am not worrying about fulfilling orders on time, and I won't have a shop that disappears from view all of a sudden. I think that the 2 shops work very well together, and actually complement each other.

Clockwise: 1850s Sleeves, 1870s Embroidered Net Collar, 1890s Petticoat, 1840s Chemisette

So here we are: Antique Historika sells antique clothing from the Victorian & Edwardian periods (mostly the things that I love- underpinnings, nightwear and accessories), but I have laundered, repaired and restored them first. I am having a ball; the post is now the most exciting event of the day, and I love getting my hands on these extant articles of clothing. Looking at the seams, admiring the fantastic sewing skills of ladies from the past (and even raising the odd eyebrow or two at the awful examples!!) I am learning so much, and really do enjoy transforming these pieces; adding buttons, ridding them of those dreadful rust stains, and repairing holes, so that they are all ready to wear and looking beautiful once again.
Do pop over and take a look. It is taking me a while to get my stock together, but I list at least one item daily. There is 10% off your order until Saturday the 26th of November.

with love,