Sunday, 17 June 2012

Bright Star- Regency Fashions

Well, as this week has been a little traumatic with dear Dad's funeral, (although wonderful too, as I finally met my beautiful nephew, and my godmother flew over from the States to be with us), I am going to remind myself of the gorgeous fashions from the 'Bright Star' film, costumed by designer Janet Patterson. This production is certainly in my top 5 for Regency clothing awesomeness.

I really admired the jumper dresses in this film, and LOVE this blouse here

Beautiful red striped spencer

I have been wanting a teal blue dress such as this for a long time...!
Too much frilly yummyness!

The bright, bold colours of this film made the costumes for me.

Must see the film again to find this outfit!

And I would just like to say, in signing off, that Ben Whishaw is a massive talent, and I eagerly look forward to seeing his career progress. I hope the BBC bring back 'The Hour' for a second series, too.