Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Chemisettes worn over Regency Gowns and Huge Regency Ruffs

 Ever since I came across these illustrations a few years ago:

  From this fabulous book (page 114):

Of this extant chemisette from the Snowshill Wade Costume Collection, part of The National Trust collection now:

I had been wondering if there were any images of Regency ladies wearing chemisettes over rather than under their clothing. Nancy Bradfield does mention that it was most likely worn over clothing, and I knew that it would be most uncomfortable with all those large shoulder-placed gathers and excess fabric if it were worn under.

A few months ago I finally came across an image with the proof I was looking for. Very pretty:

I find that Wikimedia Commons is the best place to look at some of the fabulous paintings of (especially) Russian Regency women. But can I remember what I searched for to be able to download this painting above? Sadly no, so I have no further details, but will endeavour to find out (when I have 2 minutes!).

I do however remember the details of this painting, with the wonderful, huge half a chemisette/half a ruff combination on the third lady from the left, from the end of the Regency period, which I also love:

The Begas Family 1821 by Carl Begas

This is not too dissimilar to it:

Large Ruff - early 1800s The Metropolitan Museum

Yikes! I am away for a few days, down to the West Country, so I had better hop it and get organised! Hopefully I'll be back with more info on that painting soon.

with love,