Tuesday, 17 December 2013

1815 Regency Lace and Muslin Gown at Poppies Cottage

As things are more than a little busy here at the moment, I thought that I would take this chance to show one of the wonderful items that has recently been purchased (not by me, sadly!) over at the fabulous Poppies Cottage :

This is a lace and muslin gown, from around 1815. The design at the top of the dress is so unique, and the lace abundant. It is a nursing gown (highly unusual for a lady of this social class), hence the atypical construction at the bodice area.

Well, I am afraid that it has to be a quick one today. I am off back to the workroon, to finish up a few orders before my Christmas break (yay!). I can't wait for this Christmas, as both my sisters are down with their gorgeous families and babies. My little niece and nephew are the light of my life, and I love them to bits! A Happy Christmas to you all, see you in the New Year!