Monday, 27 January 2014

Late Victorian Dress Shields Holder

I have a lovely customer who re-enacts mostly around the period of the 1880-90s. She is a wealth of information and knowledge, and I have learnt much form her. A few weeks ago I bought an 1890s skirt and bodice suit from ebay, and it has underarm dress shields sewn into it. I was telling 'A' about it, and she sent me these images of a removable dress shield holder (it's not something I have seen or heard of before). She has kindly given me permission to record the photos here.

Front of shield holder (the shields are in the flaps hanging down at the sides)

Side showing the dress shield pocket

Dress shield outside of pocket

I think that this is rather great. The shields can be changed for new ones, or removed for washing (as of course, I would think that the holder is). It is lovely and lace-y and pretty. With the lace and frills I am thinking of 1890s onwards?!

                It looks like just another layer of pretty underthings, but is wonderfully functional.

                Here it has been placed with the underthings that would have been worn with it.

Fascinating, thank you A!