Saturday, 9 August 2014

1860s Wool Paletot

I am continuing to work through my 1860s mini-wardrobe for a customer, and have just completed her wool paletot.

The pattern she asked me to use is KayFig's 1860-67 Lady's Paletot Pattern:-

KayFig's Paletot Pattern 1860-67

This pattern comes in S, M, L and XL, so there is a fair amount of work to do to the pattern and toile before it will fit anywhere near well. Having said that, I really liked the style of the paletot, the pattern was very, very good, and was well constructed. It looks much better in a heavier wool fabric- I don't think the images that come with the pattern do it many favours, which is a shame.

My customer chose a gorgeous dusty pink medium weight wool, and a pretty pink lining. The buttons are made from the same wool, and the button holes are hand stitched. Originally she wanted a dark brown trim, but decided against it once I had sent her photographs of the finished coat.

Apologies for the quality of these images. In the summer I don't have much light in my workroom; it is blocked out by lots of lovely trees and our hedge, full of yummy green growth.

I must also apologise that it looks rather poor on my model. I don't even have a hoop which would have assisted in giving that lovely round, 1860s shape.

So here is a fashion plate of the time, to remind us of how it will look when actually on a person:-

Godey's Lady's Book 1866
I am beginning to love the shaping of the 1860s! :)

Naomi x