Monday, 29 December 2014

New Home...New Workroom!

So we finally moved home from the south coast to the west country in late November.

The first room that needed attention was of course, my workroom.

I do love a good re-organization, and I have always enjoyed painting and a small amount of DIY. I chose a fresh and energizing pale yellow for the walls.


The space is a little larger than I had before in the last house, which is great. One of the many housing issues that we have here in the UK is that none of the rooms are ever large, unless you are very lucky. I see some workrooms of people in the US say, and find myself turning unattractive shade of green.

There were bookcases to buy and put together, pictures to frame, and much sorting through and re-jigging.

My workroom is on the ground floor of our house, and looks out across to a row of trees (I always feel happy when there are trees around), and a stream runs along by the side of the house. (I can see the ducks from my bedroom window.) We are only 5 minutes away from 'true countryside', it is all farms and tractors where we live now, which I am very happy about.

And so all is ready for 2015. I have many plans for the coming year, with much work to be completed. I look forward to the New Year every year; it is a fresh start, with (hopefully) many positive changes and challenges ahead.

I wish you all a very Happy New Year!
Naomi x