Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Accessories for my 1890s Outift - Small Bonnet

As I continue to work on the early 1890s outfit for myself, this week I managed to complete my small bonnet.

I am fairly new to the world of millinery, so made this with the 'Late Victorian Small Bonnet' pattern from Lynn McMasters.

I did start this project with the normal mixture of trepidation and much excitement. Millinery is one of the skills that I really want to get to grips with this year, so it is very satisfying to have made this finally. And it was good to start with a small bonnet first.

I began with the wire base and net option, but really struggled, so gave up and used buckram as the base with a wire rim, and hand sewed the millinery straw onto that. 

Early 1890s Small Straw Bonnet

There is a pattern piece for the pretty ruffled edge (in the magenta silk) included, and I used the purple reverse of the fabric for the second, smaller ruffle inside the first.  I put some sheer wide gold ribbon over the back of the bonnet, and sewed a rosette of brown ribbon to give a little height where the feather rests, and added a brown ribbon bow to the back. I did play about quite a bit with the rest of the decorations. Flowers were added and then unpicked, more forms of decoration were bought, including 2 colours and sizes of feathers.

Early 1890s bonnet with magenta, purple, brown and green.

I really enjoyed making this bonnet. I do have some brown veiling which I might add to it, so may be back with some updated photos. I have just the lining of the bonnet to complete.

My outfit is a spring ensemble in a pale green wool with brown decoration. I hope that this will give the burst of colour that it needs.  My next task is to make a late Victorian purse/small bag. Happy days!

Naomi x