Friday, 15 May 2015

Tatted Purse Restoration - Accessories for my 1890s Outift

Another accessory I need for my 1890s outift is a small reticule/purse.  Whilst doing my research, I realised that there is so little information or books about historical fashion accessories. It is one area that badly needs some decent publications.

I finally found this tatted small purse on ebay:-

Victorian Tatted Purse- ebay find

It needed some work, although it is in super condition. Lined in mauve silk, I realised that it would be very easy to remove this, wash the tatted shell, and then replace the silk lining. So I took many photos and notes before taking it apart.

Late Victorian Tatted Purse with Silk Lining

It has a beautifully decorated metal disc at the bottom, acting as a weight.
Length- 7" from top of tatting to metal button
Width- 5 1/2" across the top

Taking Apart my Tatted Purse for Restoration

Tatting (Taken from "The Dictionary of Needlework" - Caulfield and Saward, 1882.)

 " a reproduction of the Ragusa Gimp Laces and Knotted Laces of the sixteenth tatting the stitches are made over a thread, and the thread wound upon a shuttle small enough to allow of its being passed easily backwards and forwards over and under the thread it is forming the stitches upon.

The work consists of so few stitches that it is extremely simple, and requires neither thought nor fixed attention when once the nature of the stitch has been mastered, a glance, or the feel of it passing through the fingers, being sufficient for an experieced tatter."

While I had the tatted part detached from the lining, I washed it in my restoration detergent:-

This brightened it up. Now I could sew a new lining and complete the bag's transformation.

I used the same fabric for the ties and the small piece holding the metal button. I am really pleased with how it looks.

Transformed Victorian Purse

Restored Tatted Purse with Silk Lining

Purse and Bonnet completed

Naomi x