Friday, 13 February 2015

A Rare Treat for myself.. American Duchess Boots Arrive!!

I have promised myself to make a late Victorian outfit for me this year. I love historical dress, but never seem to have the time to make anything for me. This is the year when I make the time to do so. I have started off very well for my outfit; materials bought, underthings completed.

And look what the postman just delivered:-

My Victorian Boots from American Duchess

American Duchess has these 'Renoir Boots' listed for the 1850/60s period, but looking through one of my fashion books, the shape and height is also super for the 1890s, which is great as I wanted a cream, ankle pair of boots.

I have had a very quick try on (boy my fingers hurt, I need to work out how to use a button hook!), and they feel very comfortable. The customs to the UK was a killer, so it will be quite a while before I save up for my next pair.

I also bought a pair of silk stockings, which has a beautiful design at the ankles. I am a very happy lady! :)

naomi xx

Thursday, 5 February 2015

1890s Late Victorian 'Bolero' Corset Cover

I had had this unusual Victorian lingerie item for a while, before I stumbled across what it actually is a couple of months ago...

1890s Bolero Corset Cover

On page 27 of “Butterick’s 1892 Mertropolitan Fashions” (Dover reprint – 1994), you will see an advert for a pattern similar to the item above.

No.4587.- Ladies’ Bolero Corset-Cover. The engravings picture a corset-cover developed in nainsook, with embroidered edging for decoration.

{Nainsook is a type of cotton muslin.}

There are 3 different views/styles of corset cover with the above text. My one here didn’t have anything to join the two pieces at the centre, so I have simply threaded through a piece of cotton ribbon. It is mostly hand sewn, although there is a very delicate narrow piece of embroidered trim just above the lace which has been machine stitched (!?) on.

I'm not quite sure how something this little and flimsy would protect you from the corset's metal parts though. I do wonder if it was made to be worn with the 'corset waists' of the time, which were softer and more gentle to wear, with buttons instead of metal clasps.

Naomi x