Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Antique Regency Tamboured Shawl

So before I take a look at the Carrickmacross collar, I thought that this item was just too special to wait to share it, but firstly, a brief aside:-

As I have mentioned before I have M.E. (or chronic fatigue syndrome). Mine is of a level where I can get along quite well some days, but other days are a real struggle, and I am still battling with many symptoms (and accepting that I have to live with them). Using the internet is a big no-no for me; I know this, but have to work. And because I do what I love, it can be soooo difficult for me to muster the self-control that is needed to help myself feel as well as I can (and get off the internet as soon as I have done was is absolutely necessary). And many, many times I fail to do so, and end up feeling quite unwell, both mentally and physically, as my poor addled brain just can't compute it all as quickly as it needs to, and the concentration it takes exhausts me.

I hope that this helps to explain why my posts on here aren't lengthy ones. I would love to search the net for other images of more unusual Regency shawls and write a piece about their place in Regency fashion etc, but sadly I can't afford to. As well as making me feel unwell, as my concentration is so poor at the moment, what is in my head rarely transports to the page in any intelligent way, and it can take me a day to write a longish post, with all the time it takes to re-read and amend the text.

So, onwards up upwards. Here is a wonderful black net Regency shawl with silk tamboured embroidery. Enjoy! :-

Late 1790s to 1810s Regency Shawl

This early nineteenth century shawl is a real beauty. It has a pretty scalloped edging and 7 motifs at each end (which can be seen in the bottom left photo above). Colours are mainly pinks and greens, although there is some blue in one of the flower groups at either end.

Measurements:- Width – 49 cms or 19″.
Length – 300 cms or 118″.

Detail and Areas of Damage

It is in quite incredible condition. The 2 areas of real damage can be seen in the 2 bottom photos above. Yes there are other small groups of holes, which can just be seen in the top right hand photo above, but that is no surprise in an item so old and so delicate.

This is for sale, and is £290. Please contact me for a postal price if you are interested. My postal rates are very reasonable, about £9 for Europe, and £12 for the US, for example (tracked all the way). Any questions at all, feel free to contact me ( SOLD

Naomi x