I haven’t stated the website addresses for the following, as it can be frustrating when they change, and you’re then not sure the business name of what you are trying to find, so below there are simply the business names, which can be copied and pasted into your search bar. The majority here are based within the UK

General History sites uk:-

*historic-uk ~ The history and heritage guide to the UK.

Antique Clothing Suppliers:-

*Vintage Fashion Guild ~ A platform for vintage/antique sellers, with a directory. Encourages excellence in practice. Resource libraries for identification of clothing and accessories, history of dress.

*Poppies Cottage ~ Ann has a website as well as an ebay shop. An absolutely dear, kind lady. She has helped me out many a time with her decades of experience. Fabulous finds. Based in the UK.

*Meg Andrews ~ Pricey, but a good source of antique clothing. UK.

*Ruby Lane ~ Based in the US but items for sale worldwide.

*Past Perfect Vintage ~ US.

*Vintage Vampalicious ~ UK.

*Vintage Dress ~ UK.

*Antique Dress ~ US.

*Dorothea’s Closet Vintage ~ US.

*Textiles and Stuff ~ A wide variety of items, antique, world costume and vintage. UK.

*Carolyn Forbes Textiles ~ Great for post 1900. US.

*Vintage Textile US.

Online Auction Sites (These can be fabulous resources for research):-

*Charles. A. Whitaker Auction Company US.

*Augusta Auctions ~ US. (Search Tasha Tudor to start!)

*Bonhams UK.


*The School of Historical Dress ~ Courses, online videos, publications, collections… London, UK.

*Royal School of Needlework ~ Hampton Court Palace, UK

Lace Identification:-

*Lynx Lace ~ Identifying lace. Lots of information of varying forms of lace and lace making. Based in US.

*Elizabeth M. Kurella – Lace Merchant ~ Includes antique lace items to purchase, how to wash and mend lace, courses, and books. US based.

*Lace for Study – Digital Lace Collection ~ Incredible site. Hundreds of antique items with explanations. UK.

*Marlamallett ~ You need to scroll right down the page to her ‘laces’ section. Collection of lace with description and wonderful magnified details. US.

*Textile Research Centre ~ Leiden. Netherlands. Superb website.

Textile Conservation:-

*National Trust Conservation Studio. UK.

*The Bowes Museum (they have the most fantastic blog!) UK.

Buttons and Passementerie:-

*Anna McDowell – Henry’s Buttons ~ All you need for Dorset buttons. She has her own website, and a shop on Etsy. Very helpful and friendly. Based in the UK.

*Gina Barrett – Gina B Silk Works ~ Passementerie and other Crafts. Very kind and helpful. Based in the UK.

Corsetry/Historical Dress Sewing Suppliers:-

*Vena Cava Design ~ Corsetry and sewing goodies. Liz will help you out wherever she can, she’s great. Good source for patterns etc from abroad. Based in the UK.

*MacCulloch and Wallis Ltd ~ Corsetry supplies, fabrics and hardware. They also have a wonderful lace section, and millinery section. Based in the UK.

*The Tudor Tailor ~ Everything to do with the 16th Century. Patterns and supplies. Based in the UK.

*Burnley & Trowbridge ~ All manner of sewing and re-enactment goods. Bone button bases. US.

*Historical Management Associates Ltd/Stuart Press ~ The place to get your fustian and kersie fabrics from. A great source of information for the Medieval to Stuart eras. UK.

*Nehelenia Patterns ~ All manner of patterns, fabrics, super millinery section, jewellery. UK.

*Wm. Booth Draper ~ Fabrics, patterns and haberdashery. US.

*Jas. Townsend and Son, Inc – US

*Fabric Inspirations ~ They used to have a large repro fabric section, but sadly now it is much diminished. But there are still a handful of that type of fabric. UK.

*Cotton Patch ~ They have a fabulous selection of reproduction fabrics, although it may take a while to choose! Based in the UK.

*Whaley’s (Bradford) Ltd ~ Hundreds of fabrics, including those difficult to find. Pricey but worth it. Based in the UK.

*The Silk Route - Suppliers of difficult to find silk fabrics- UK

*Renaissance Fabrics ~ Fantastic fabric range (including reproduction Colonial Williamsburg prints), patterns, trims, buttons… US.

*Farmhouse Fabrics – US

*Reproduction Fabrics - US

Lace Suppliers:-

*Little Trimmings ~ I have found it very difficult to find suitable/historically accurate lace within the UK. This lady sells lace that is primarily for dolls, but there are some wonderful laces here in the online shop.


*Barnett Lawson Trimmings ~ Super for trimmings, feathers, but also tassels, braid, frogs, corded buttons… UK.

Corsetry Courses:-

*Sew Curvy ~ A great source for corset makers, but their shop seems to have a slow dispatch time. Great tutorials.

Costume & Corsetry Online Magazines:-

*Your Wardrobe Unlock’d (Costume)

*Foundations Revealed (Corsetry)

Costume Societies:-

*The Medieval Dress and Textile Society. ~ Based in UK, but accepts members worldwide.

*The Costume Society. ~ Based in the UK.

*West of England Costume Society.

*The Northern Society of Costume & Textiles. ~ A few patterns are available on the website. UK.

*The Costume Society of Scotland.

The History of Textile Production:-

*Norwich Textiles ~ Fascinating website about the history of textiles in and around Norwich. UK.

Rural/Provincial Clothing Sources:-

*Yorkshire Ancestors ~ This publisher has produced a CD containing illustrations of rural costume in Yorkshire in 1814.

Re-enactment/Living History:-

*The Original Re-enactors Market UK.

*National Living History Fayre UK.


*Sarah Juniper ~ This lady runs historical shoe courses as well. UK.

*American Duchess ~ Great styles and affordable historical shoes. US.

*Plantagenet Shoes ~ Early to 16th century shoes. UK.

*Kevin Garlick Shoemaker. UK.

Museums Online:-

*The Hidden Wardrobe – The National Trust ~ This is one blog/site that is a virtual museum. Unbelievably good. I could look at this site all day.

Fabric/General Sewing Equipment Suppliers:-

*Merchant & Mills ~ If you like a fancy sewing room, this shop is for you. – UK

*Truro Fabrics ~ Fabulous online shop with historically accurate offerings. – UK

*My Fabrics – UK

Historically Accurate Costumiers:-

*The Staymaker – UK

*Handbound Costumes – UK